I’ve promised myself for weeks that I would get on my website. Edit it. Make it better. Do all the things. All the things that I read about I should be doing. So many rules. 10-step guides. Profanity-laced gurus. So many things…

And then I think about why I am here. Why I paid my heard-earned money to put together something called a “website” and became a certified Color Code Trainer.  And what I want for the person coming to this website.The answer? Understanding and improving relationships. Work. Personal. Blended. Whatever. Because life is about our relationships – and they can make or break us.

What is my call to action? (because the gurus say I need that). Take the free assessment. Talk to me about it. Let’s make a plan for how the Color Code may serve you. And ignore my grammar. I’m a work-in-progress.

Why? Because it changed my life. It changed my marriage. It’s changing my career and how I communicate….to the better.

I want that for you. Do you want to understand and improve the dynamics on your team? Figure out how to better relate to that “crazy co-worker” (I think I am the crazy co-worker by the way!). What about that one person at church  you know you need to understand better?  Try the Color Code.  I promise. It will be worth it.  And here’s the free link: www.colorcode.com/coupon/KellySHARE.  Thank you.

Photo by Jannes Glas on Unsplash