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Coaching Programs


One of my favorite personalities says “Everyone Needs a Coach in Life.” I could not agree more! If you are ready to take the steps to discover your potential – or you are ready to develop even further dig-in with me to achieve your personal best!

Who I work with:

Anyone seeking to update their professional development.


  • Do you want to understand and improve your team’s dynamics but don’t know how?
  • Do you want to understand what your own personal motivation is – at your core and how it means more than your actual work environment?

“Grow” Coaching Program 

Do you feel like you are “in-between” something? Unfocused? Needing more courage? Yep. I get it. And that is why I’m hosting the Grow! coaching program. I wish now I had called it “In-between” lol! Use the link in the comments for more info. It will come straight to me.


Your Divine Next Program

6-session group workshop where we are going to look at where we are staring, reset some things and get ready for NEXT!

Some of the topics we will explore include:

  • What do you want to leave behind – and what do you want to take forward?
  • Closed doors/opened doors
  • What if I had listened to….
  • Whose life are you living now (echoes of the past)
  • Keys to Discovering your NEXT
  • Plan It/Act It

This program is offered periodically during the year. Make sure you check back right here for when we open up our next round!

Team Review

Does your team need to improve their interpersonal dynamics? Are you trying to maximize thier individual potential? Kelly K. Consulting will help you develop the tools you need to provide the best opportunity for your team to achieve its potential – and ultimately your organizational goals!


It’s All About Motive…

You Can Understand And Improve Your Relationships!

Helping people gain new skills and knowledge isn’t only a commitment, but also a passion of mine. To be able to deliver training that MAKES A DIFFERENCE is what drives me! With over 20 years of training and development experience, I am passionate about helping you improve your relationships and effectiveness- both personal and professional.

That’s exactly why I’ve become a certified Color Code trainer – and can’t wait to talk with you about this practical and EFFECTIVE analysis.

Want to learn more about The Color Code? Check out this podcast episode where I talk about Understanding Your Communication Style with the Color Code – Click here to listen now.  


See what attendees are saying about Kelly K. Consulting!

Kelly did a great job interpreting my Color Code for me. 

Lori B.

An Outstanding rating is no surprise. Kelly is phenomenal at engaging those she is training and making the lesson(s) relevant to them.

David J.

You nailed my Yellow for me….Very helpful.

Michele B.

Thank you for making time in your schedule to lead the ColorCode workshop yesterday. It was a valuable event for students (and me), giving us insight into our behavior and those with whom we interact.

Don R.

First and foremost, thank you for such a wonderful presentation yesterday. Your passion for the Color Code is evident and your presentation skills so engaging. I think it was a huge benefit for attendees but also our clients and family members! 

Kealie W.

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