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Here at Kelly K. Consulting, I can provide custom workshops to fit your needs.

What To Expect From My Workshops:

You will leave my workshops knowing that you can immediately apply the skills you have learned, having a good laugh, and with brand new insights about your potential!

One of my favorite tools is the Color Code, a personality analysis that gets to the heart of why we act the way we do and allows us to gauge and respond accordingly to the behavior of others. This easy to understand tool can be provided as an accent or enhancement to any talk or workshop. I am a certified Color Code trainer.

Below are some of our signature offerings:

Workplace Culture: The Impact of Valuing Differences

“Workplace diversity is a people issue.” And it’s definitely a hot topic! The focus of this workshop is to first delineate what the individuals driving core motive is. By understanding this – we can then develop an understanding of how people approach work.

Interpersonal Skills Workshop

This workshop teaches how to increase interpersonal skills using the very powerful Color Code theory. The Color Code Personality Assessment is unique for several reasons. First, it goes deeper than mere personality—it identifies Motive—why you do what you do. Secondly, the Color Code is easy to use and implement. Rather than having to memorize a string of letters or numbers like some assessments, the Color Code uses colors to represent Driving Core Motives:

Reds are the power wielders. Power is defined as the ability to move from point A to point B. Reds are about results and productivity. They bring great gifts of vision and leadership. Reds are generally characterized as responsible, decisive, proactive and assertive.

Blues love to give of themselves to others. Intimacy, connecting, creating quality relationships and having purpose is what drives these people. Their natural gifts include quality and service. Blues can be counted on to be loyal, sincere, and thoughtful.

Whites are peacekeepers. Peace, or the ability to stay calm in the midst of chaos, is what motivates a White. Clarity and tolerance are White gifts. Whites are also known for their qualities of kindness, adaptability, and patience.

Yellows love to have fun. The joy of living in the moment and doing something just for the sake of doing it is the driving force for these people. Yellows offer the gifts of enthusiasm and optimism. They are generally charismatic, spontaneous, and sociable.

The comment we hear most frequently is how easy the Color Code is to put into practice.

What You Will Take Away

After completing the workshop, you will:
• Understand the four core personality types
• Discover how to motivate others
• Read people easily and accurately
• Identify strategies for communicating more effectively
• Improve your relationships with others
• Enhance your business performance

Workshop participants develop increased levels of self-awareness (the #1 key element for developing emotional intelligence skills); learn how to effectively understand and work with team members; improve communication skills; and are better prepared to create successful professional relationships.

Couples Enrichment Evening

This small group event will allow you to discover your driving core motive and that of your partner. You will be surprised at what you learn – even if you have been a couple for as long as you can remember! The end goal? Better team. Better loving. A better relationship that suits both people.

Are You AAA-Rated? Developing Your Brand In The Working World

In the finance world, a triple A rating is the highest grading available. Many of us own AAA travel protection! But do you know if you and your brand are AAA-Rated? This workshop is perfect for young professionals beginning to develop their career (and college seniors!)

Better Parenting With Your Child’s Color

This workshop is perfect for those parents who have tweens and above! By coming together you will discover more about your child’s personality and how your personality can clash or complement. How I wish I had this seminar when I was rasing my youngest stepdaughter!

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See what attendees are saying about Kelly K. Consulting!

Kelly did a great job interpreting my Color Code for me. 

Lori B.

An Outstanding rating is no surprise. Kelly is phenomenal at engaging those she is training and making the lesson(s) relevant to them.

David J.

You nailed my Yellow for me….Very helpful.

Michele B.

Thank you for making time in your schedule to lead the ColorCode workshop yesterday. It was a valuable event for students (and me), giving us insight into our behavior and those with whom we interact.

Don R.

First and foremost, thank you for such a wonderful presentation yesterday. Your passion for the Color Code is evident and your presentation skills so engaging. I think it was a huge benefit for attendees but also our clients and family members! 

Kealie W.

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