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Toastmaster Competent Communicator. Six Sigma Greenbelt. MBA. PENCIL Volunteer. Senior Law Firm Trainer.

Everything centers on learning and relationships. What drives you and your team? How about your personal development? It is my mission to work with people and teams to discover and then develop their innate potential. 

For example, when I discovered The Color Code several years ago, I was instantly hooked! The Color Code has a tangible and positive impact on personal and professional life. I am so excited to be a Certified Color Code Trainer and have the opportunity to work with you and your team to provide the same impact!

With more than 20 years of speaking, training and instructional experience,  I am equipped to show you and your group how to strengthen your interpersonal skills and increase effectiveness. 

My style is professional but warm – providing an environment that will make people of all levels comfortable. One of the best descriptions of my style comes from a former classmate in graduate school: “you always had a commanding yet disarming (making it all the more commanding) oratory presence”.  

Me and hubbyWhy Do I include a picture of my spouse and me??

Opposites Attract, they say. But did you know that Complementary Opposites are possible too? When I discovered the Color Code, it was (an overused term coming…) a gamechanger. Once we discovered our driving core motives – our marital relationship completely improved! Join me for a Couples Enrichment Evening!

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