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Helping Individuals and Teams Remove Roadblocks to Discover, Develop & Dig-in to their Innate Potential.

Do you feel like you’re on pause? Do you have a stirring in you, a feeling you are not living your greatness? Your purpose? Something is calling you, but you can’t quite hear it, or see it?

I get it. We all need help sometimes. It’s ok to have a partner in your potential.

I’m here for you!

You have so much potential! You are all about your growth. You want more. It’s just that you are struggling with how to get there. That’s why I’m here to come along side you as a your partner to help you discover your purpose, develop your passion and dig-in to realize your full potential.

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Places Kelly has spoken


I have more than 20 years of speaking, training and instructional experience. I’m excited about discussing your upcoming event!  As a dynamic speaker who delivers talks and workshops with a warm yet commanding presence  – I will keep your participants engaged!  Friends and colleagues alike describe me as a great storyteller and speaker with tremendous emotional intelligence. No cookie-cutter presentations!

Corporate Workshops

You will leave my workshops knowing that you can immediately apply the skills you have learned, having a good laugh, and gaining brand new insights about your potential!


One of my favorite personalities says “Everyone Needs a Coach in Life.” I could not agree more! If you are ready to take the steps to discover your potential – or you are ready to develop even further – work with me to achieve your personal best!


Kelly did a great job interpreting my Color Code for me. 

Lori B.

An Outstanding rating is no surprise. Kelly is phenomenal at engaging those she is training and making the lesson(s) relevant to them.

David J.

You nailed my Yellow for me….Very helpful.

Michele B.

Thank you for making time in your schedule to lead the ColorCode workshop yesterday. It was a valuable event for students (and me), giving us insight into our behavior and those with whom we interact.

Don R.

First and foremost, thank you for such a wonderful presentation yesterday. Your passion for the Color Code is evident and your presentation skills so engaging. I think it was a huge benefit for attendees but also our clients and family members! 

Kealie W.

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It doesn't matter who you are - or where you are from. Find your potential.

- Kelly L. Knowles

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