Wow! That’s a strong way to start telling you about Reds isn’t it? But that is exactly the goal. Reds are Power people. That is their driving core motive.

Please stay with me though – it is a good thing! You see, Reds are your action people. They are going to move you from Point A to Point B. So, you see – we need the Red personalities! (More about them later – they won’t like waiting, but I want to talk about you first!)

As we finish up February 2020 – …Let me ask you, what actions did you intend to take so far this year? I’ll ask that again, What Actions Did You Intend to Take So Far This Year?

No Shame. No Guilt. Just Tips
Each week, I’ve been writing on a bright post-it note: Things to Finish This Week. There is something about that fluorescent note stuck to the top of my laptop that is working! For example, I have a 20-year old file folder of notes (for that book I’m going to write one day) and I’ve been meaning to scan those notes so I have them electronically. That went on the list this week. Was it imperative that it get done? It depends. For me, moving the book writing from point A to point A.1 meant scanning those notes. I scanned those notes tonight. Next step: saving them to my drive and organizing. Action step after that: starting a basic outline…and so on.

Taking Baby Steps will Get You There – I Promise

Years ago, I had a professional organizing business. I still dabble! When I had an overwhelmed client who “didn’t know where to start” – we did baby steps. No, I’m not Dave Ramsey and I’m not your financial planner. But starting SMALL yielded BIG dividends. And by starting with a little drawer or a tiny corner – we gained MOMENTUM. And that, my dear friends – GOT THINGS DONE! Even if Red is not your driving core motive, you can take action. My organizing clients are proof of that statement. And I’m here for you…

So – back to that Red thing,,,

Have a Red personality in your life? Here are some tips:

  • #1 Reds think they are right. Be aware of that.
  • Reds seek to be productive. They want to look good technically. They want to lead.
  • If you want to lead a red – be prepared to lead. If a red respects you, he/she will be able to follow. But don’t be wishy-washy. They will move on for themselves.
  • Reds do not naturally give in. They expect you to stand up for yourself. It’s not personal. I promise.
  • Reds like challenge
  • Reds can be incredible partners but they are also going to be all about the end goal. Help them to enjoy the process ok?

Think you may be a Red? Here are some tips:

  • You probably think you are right all the time (and you probably are haha…) but remember it is about relationships and your influence and impact with others. So – hear that person. Consider their point of view Watch how you say something. Trust me – you will learn and get better.
  • And in that personal relationship, remember you are not the supervisor. Try for some emotional give and take.
  • You might be a pure red or have a “secondary” color that can impact your motive and ultimately behavior. My secondary color is Blue. It makes me all kinds of contradictions…and if you have a (or know one) Red/Blue or a Blue/Red – we should really talk! I can save you some angst. And aggravation and…
  • In your interactions with others, be willing to ask for their opinions. Listen ok? Yeah, I just told you twice.
  • Your life will impact others. Consider making it a quality impact. You have the Power.
What is this color thing anyway?

It is just one tool that I use to help people discover, develop and dig-in to their innate potential. As a certified Color Code Personality trainer, I have personally experienced the impact of understanding this personality profile. Want to check it out for yourself? Start by taking the free initial assessment:

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Next month...they have been sooo patient. Yep – we are going to look at the White Personality Profile!