It’s not too late I hope? Here is my latest newsletter!

As I write this newsletter, I’m reflecting on all of the external things that have happened in May. The continuance of work from home (for many of us), social distancing, debates over masks, etc. Last night, I shopped (inside a store!) for the first time in over 9 weeks. Weird.  And, right this minute, I’m listening to the local news about the protests occurring in my town (Nashville) and throughout our country. My heart is heavy. 
So, how in the world can I write about being happy? Because I have to. Because no matter what is happening on the outside, our internal state is what ultimately drives our next steps. It’s what drives how we treat others. It’s how we develop ourselves. It’s how we know we can endeavor to make the world a better place.

You Steer Where You Stare. 

I’ve adopted this quote from Lysa Terkeurst as a tagline for my coaching groups and how I plan my day.

You see, if I stare all day at the negative – guess what? There isn’t any guessing is there? I’m going to end up in the negative.

There is true tragedy right now. And we have things we need to improve and get done. There are also amazing positive from May. Precious babies born. New homes moved into. Marriages made. Whispers of, “I love you” in the quietest moments.  For me, my oldest grandson cleaned our house to earn money and it wasn’t too shabby either! That gave me an afternoon of interaction with one of my favorite people in the world. WIN. I received lovely encouragements from friends and had some wonderful coaching sessions with clients I am honored to work with (my clients and NEXT group folks are AMAZING!) I am incredibly excited about the Grow! program starting in June (are you joining us? We have 4 awesome individuals signed up and room for just a couple more).

Its’ Not Easy Living – That’s Why We Are Better Together
It’s going to be OK. That hard for you? This is where our friends who are “Yellow” on the Color Code are a wonderful resource! Yellows have a DCM (driving core motive) of FUN! They are optimistic, live in the moment, and bring a sense of energy and cheer to our world. Find your friends who have this as part of their personality. They enjoy the interaction and bring a beautiful brightness to our world.

For me, my friends and family who have this as part of their personality – bring in the sunshine on those days when I am a hard-driving Red and sometime Moody Blue. They encourage White (peacemakers) personalities to leave their comfort zone and exude a lovely energy that is innate to their personality.

Isn’t it cool how we are all made with various strengths to bring to our world a unique positive to help make things better?
As you prepare for June, I encourage you to allow yourself to feel some optimism despite all of the tough things occurring in our world. If you need help – may I respectfully offer to you: drop the pride and reach out to an optimistic friend or coach or leader. For me, I know when I stop praying regularly to God is when I falter. My faith is my anchor and hope.
And if you are still reading (thank you!) – and you still haven’t tried the Color Code Personality Profile – let’s get to it in June!  Click here to send me an email and I’ll send you a link to try it out PRONTO.

If you benefit from this newsletter, I hope you will forward it to a friend. If you are ready to think about coaching, contact me.  And if you are looking for a virtual speaker for your group  – consider me.

I am grateful to have you in my life.

Because Actions Matter,