It’s Monday. Again. Are you starting your day playing around and avoiding the work? Hoping that you can just cruise through the day and really begin tomorrow? I get it!

May I offer one thought? Start Small. By just starting one real activity, (versus wading around in various muck) – you will create a domino effect that could propel your day.

Years ago when I had an organizing business, my clients would say “I don’t know where to start.” “I’m so overwhelmed because there is so much”. So, we would take baby steps. One drawer. One square foot of space. One piece of paper. We built momentum that propelled us through projects that even I (in my “organizer wisdom LOL” ) found daunting. But I knew the principle worked. And my clients realized it too. Often, after I left – guess what? They kept going!

Just try it. Pick one item that is REAL WORK. Start with one task. Write that first line of instruction for that document. Send that real e-mail that is action or a call to action. Make that tough phone call. Build your momentum. Just pick one thing. You got this!